1960 Cessna 210

$50,00000 CAD

C-FINN S/N 210-57281

4 place aircraft.

TT 2383.5

Engine TSOH 1297.1 No prop.

Garmin 250XL GPS/NAV/COM, iCOM iC200 COM, Garmin 320 TXPNR included but not installed.

SIDs are not completed.

Annual is not completed.

Has not flown since 2006 due to illness of the last two owners.

The aircraft last had major airframe work done in 1998, both landing gear box saddles were replaced at that time, it has flown 5 hrs since then, these are required replacement every 2000hrs.

Last weight and balance completed in 1994 at 1971.75 lbs when there was major airframe work completed including replacement wings, the Flint tip tanks, replacement engine and Cleveland brakes. This work was completed after the third landing incident in Victoria in 1987. (report states landed long)

Second gear up in Saskatoon 1976, know the pilot, reported hydraulic failure.

First gear up in the states 1960 (assumed by records of belly skins replacement in FAA records search)

The engine was replaced with a IO-470E by LSTC in 1992 after the landing incidents and has a fresh corrosion inspection done in 2015 (not run since). Rick Roman reground crank, (x6) replacement chrome cylinders, overhauled fuel injection system, oversize oil cooler, lightweight starter STC, lightweight alternator STC, Brackett airfilter STC, new baffling, SCAT hose and flammable liquid carrying hoses. Ready to run once a prop is installed.

The tires are all new, brakes, bearings all been gone through.

The Instruments all have been tested.

The interior is a kit from the states and the seats frames have all been blasted, painted and recovered and are ready to install. Door panels covered and ready to install, includes a new headliner.

Includes brand new bladders, not installed.

Horton STOL kit.

Flint tip tanks.

Single piece windshield.

Digital Tach.