1965 Piper Cherokee for Sale

$50,00000 CAD

IFR Certified
Located at CYRO, Rockcliffe Airport, Ottawa

Model: Piper Cherokee 180 - 1965
Serial No: 282095
5528 total hours

Engine: Avco Lycoming O-360-A3A
Serial No: L19636
1296 hours
Engine heater - Tannis
Propeller: Sensenich M76EMMS
Serial No: 103369K

GPS/Com - Garmin 430 WAAS
Audio panel - Garmin GMA 340
Nav/Com - King KX175B
Transponder - King KT76A
A pre-purchase inspection for a potential purchaser uncovered some issues that
I was not aware of. Because of these issues, I have reduced the price from
$74,000 Canadian to $50,000 Canadian.
Here is the complete list of issues found:
• Camshaft lobes are pitted and corroded. That will hurt the body lifters in the
future and create metals in the engine.
This was the major problem found. An estimate on the cost of repair is $18,000
• Paint is 3/10.
• Oleo strut need rechroming due to corrosion.
Possibly true, but they have been this way for many years without causing any
• Fuel tank were ¼ full - I suspect a bad leak on left hand tank.
Yes there is a leak in the fuel tank that will need to be repaired. I have an
estimate of about $1,500 Canadian.
• Pilot window crack.
• Propeller badly damage creating a lot of engine vibrations.
Propeller just passed the five year inspection and the damage was not found to
be serious. I did not notice excessive vibration, but the prop could simply be
• A mixture cable is installed in place of the throttle cable.
I don't understand the issue.
• Major repair done in 2009
A tornado in 2009 blew some debris into the aircraft, damaging one wing and
the cowl. There was no structural damage, but the wing and cowl required
Visit this additional media link for a complete list of all the pictures from the pre-purchase inspection: