Christavia Mk1

$20,00000 CAD

1989 Christavia Mk1. Roomier than a Supercub 25% of the price. Under 1000 hours total time. Currently flying and up to date. Very safe (low landing speed) very fun, very basic airplane. No electrics...hand prop. 0-200 engine. McCauley metal prop (1A100/MCM6950) A little over 900 pounds empty weight 1500 Gross. 15 imperial gallons fuel in the main tank, 3 imperial in each wing for a total of 21 gallons.I am the 3rd owner. You may have thought of building this airplane. Here is one already built.

I've had some fun experiences with C-FCZY, landing with wheels on frozen lakes, and the odd remote field. I've had it up to 115 mph but mostly cruise at 80 mph.

I am selling this airplane due to the fact that I have built another aircraft that I will now fly.

The fuselage contains a long tube with acess from the rear seat for light long objects such as skis or fishing pole.

There is a small battery to power the handheld radio and a small solar panel to charge the battery.

I could be willing to load onto a trailer (mine or yours) and facilitate shipping within western Canada if that is your preferred way of transport.

All aircraft require maintenance over their lifespan. You can perform your own annual inspection. A complete set of plans (value $580) are included with this sale. Buying this aircraft will mean that you can do all of your own maintenance. You will not be able to buy some airframe parts ready made, so you will have to be the one who makes them. At some point you may need to do fabric repairs (Hipec), or possibly drape mold a windshield (I can include my mold). You might need to change a cylinder from time to time, repair leaks of all kinds, or prime the oil pump if the engine has not been run for many months. You should have the skills to do, or learn how to do these repairs. If you have very deep pockets, you can of course just hire an AME.

A recent favourable leakdown test has been done on the cylinders with two @76/80, one @ 75/80 and one @64/80.

Today I flew this airplane (June 18,) climb was 2600rpm 69/50 prop
Today I flew this airplane(June 24) climb was 800 fpm, 1200 pounds, 12 degrees. I flew Mostly @ 80mph 2250 RPM, .7 hrs
Today I flew this airplane(July 27) to Rose Lake field, a remote natural flat field 40 miles from Whitehorse 90 mph 2350 RPM 1 Hr