ICP Savannah VG Advanced Ultralight

$50,00000 CAD

ICP Savannah VG (Vortex Generator) built from kit. First flight 2010.
Rotax 912 ULS 100hp aircraft engine.
189 hours. TBO on this engine is 1500hrs..
3.5 hrs flight with additional 0.5 on reserve. Uses MOGAS or 100LL.
Hangared except for 2 yrs in 2014 2015.
Located at Peterborough Airport (CYPQ).
XCOM panel radio.
Basic flight instruments plus full engine instrumentation.
Endura paint. Epoxy primed and polyurethane top coat. This paint is used by Air Canada.
Dual stick configuration.
Electric flaps.
Fixed undercarriage.
Comes with lifting structure to lift the aircraft. Requires use of 2 engine cranes.
Optionally can be purchased equipped with fibreglass amphibious floats for $60,000 cdn.