Lancair 235 with 0-320

$66,99500 CAD

2001 Lancair 235 -150HP C-FONE SN 160 For sale by AME/Owner______
- 0.9 Hrs. TTSN ( 1 flight) 0.0 SMOH on Lycoming 150 HP 032- E3D ( Engine run-up in 2022)
- New Colin Walker wood prop 64-74
- Day/Night VFR panel, full 6 pack. Becker com, King transponder, ACK encoder Lowrance GPS
- upgraded nose and main gear oleos.
- Main-gear over-centre mod for redundancy. Emergency gear electrical system.
- Wing tip strobes, presently on 1 coat of primer, buyer to complete painting. needs detailing, Interior upholstery is basic and incomplete. Glass is good.
- 708 pounds useful load, 60 USG fuel , ( full fuel, pilot at 180lbs. passenger at 130 lbs. baggage at 38 lbs. ), 8 hrs 35 min. endurance. 180- 200MPH cruise speed, retractable gear.
- This A/C was assembled and flown in 2001 with a Wankel 2B rotary engine but overheating caused the new owner to switch to an overhauled ( Pro Aero- Aero Sport division ) Lycoming engine but was never flown or run-up. Most everything is either new, 1 hr old or overhauled.
- Build quality cosmetically (fit and finish) is poor but build quality structurally appears quite good! I am not the builder but as an AME/Comm pilot , have fully inspected the airplane .
- I bought the project in 2021 and finished the engine/cowling change, fully inspected the A/C and made minor changes/ corrected snags.
- This A/C has finished a Transport Canada inspection for engine change and will need the 25 Hrs to be flown off before issuance of a special C of A. I am presently looking for a check pilot.
- The buyer is responsible and pays for final painting for the Aircraft post sale.
- I am entertaining bringing a buyer coming on board at this time, with the appropriate down-payment, contract and guarantees.
- No damage history, No prop strike, No gear up landing .
- A/C has the engine upgrade and smaller original tail but has the 3 control electric trim
- This airplane is NOT for the beginner/low time pilot and is a true cross-country airplane!