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MGK AERO: PARTS: from spinners to tailwheels for: C140, C150, C172, C177, C337, Ercoupe, Luscombe, J-3, PA-22, Stinson, PA-24 Comanche, Musketeer, PA28-140, 11AC, misc PT-26A Cornell. Spinners, cowling, engine mounts, doors, landing gear, Cleveland wheels, avionics, instruments, struts, stabilizers, stabilators, control surfaces, Citabria empennage, exhausts, fuel tanks, Supercub seat, Cessna seats, etc. WINGS: LH C172M LR tank bay reskinned, RH Musketeer, 1963 C182, C140, C150G, C177, C172N, early Supercub, Stinson 108, Piper PA-28, also good wing cores. C23 new surplus parts. Large selection of airframe and engine parts for experimental ,like, wheels, struts, landing gear, etc. C185 serviceable fin and rudder, elevator, LH strut, Clevelands, certified legs. 204-324-6088