New ulralight

$99,00000 USD

NEW AIRCRAFT, top of the range, twin seat, up to 125kt cruise, TOPAZ Light Sport Aircraft, carbon fibre design, with sports seats, strut free wing, best climb rate in its class, long range capable, reliable Rotax 912 ULS optional 100hp engine, 3 blade carbon ground adjusts prop with metal leading edge protect, full EFIS instruments standard with analogue back-up available. Aircraft Parachute option available.
The Topaz has wing fuel tanks as standard with additional larger capacity reserve tanks located under the baggage compartment, it employs easy entry forward hinging doors with 2 huge baggage lockers (with external and internal access) on both sides of the fuselage.
The Topaz has colour electronic flight instruments (EFIS) installed for no extra charge, optional equipment such as sun visors (like a motor vehicle), Beringer German lightweight brakes with tubeless aviation tyres, pilot, and passenger adjustable leather seats, an optional rudder trim and now a brand new snappy paint scheme!
The electrically powered flaps and elevator trim are a dream to use, both push-button joy stick operated. This glider heritage mated to a full composite structure offers wonderful visibility, great range and superb comfort.