$75,00000 CAD

• Purchased used on 8th August 1980…and I am only owner since
• 1947 Luscombe all aluminium 8E with flaps, (only 22 8E’s were ever made with flaps).
• Electric Starter… strobe lights….tail lights…landing lights… cabin lights…12 volt battery and affixed metal case
• 2 wing tanks 12.5 each…,Total 25 gals US
• Completely refurbished in 1984-1985, as follows: ( Have file all invoices).
• Canada Transport certified and approved/all documents available
• Installed O-320 150 hp Lycoming
• Installed new custom built exhaust stacks
• Installed fireproof split fiberglass cowling...
• Total time 626 hours on O-320
• Installed new instrument panel
• Installed Apollo Loran C Model 602
• Installed new electric wiring in fuselage
• Installed used King Radio.
• Installed 2 military style shoulder harness and seat belts
• Total Time on A/C 3956 hours since new
• Installed refurbished 1650 Edo Floats, and u/c gear
• Installed 2 life vests
• Installed ELT Artex ME-406
• Reinforced fuselage for floats
• Installed new wheels and tires...
• Purchased 1 new prop. for wheels, Sensenich 74 DM-0-60
• Purchased 1 new Prop, for floats, Sensenich 74 DM6-0
• Purchase used Federal skis, installed new Teflon base for winter
• Installed ventral fin.... for float flying
• Installed T-Tail holder for beaching...when on floats
• Paddle keeper attached to floats
• 2 heavy steel eye hole plates attached to the front wing cross bar..
• Steel spreader bar for crane I can winch the A/C up to change to wheels float & skis... ALONE!)
• Complete new paint 1985...looks new as A/C in hanger
• Always kept A/C hangered since 1983..
• Weight and Balance completed My 6th , 1985
• Built Specially designed steel Take- off- Dolly in 1985 with after take -off breaks....(this dolly makes life much easier for hauling out of the lake at the end of the season)...
• Annual due May 2024.

This is a unique A/C...and very well cared past 45 years