Selling Garmin GTN 750 system

$8,00000 USD

Selling Garmin GTN 750 system with tray, backplate harness and GA35
WAAS antenna, removed in working order from an aircraft being parted.
Unit A
P/N: 011-02282-00
GMN: 00820
S/N: 1ZA018202
System ID: 3430057368487
Power Input: 14/28 VDC
Mods: 1-5
Main S/W Version: 6.51
GPS/WAAS S/W Version: 5.2
Com S/W: 2.30
Nav S/W: 6.03
Data Card: 010-00900-00
Basemap: 18M1
Obstacle/Hotline: 19B7
Safe taxi: 19S7
Terrain: 15T1
Garmin Antenna
P/N: 013-00235-00
Model GA 35
S/N: 124952
Unit B
P/N: 011-02282-00
S/N: 1ZA001685
This GTN 750 is in good working order and should function with no
issues. Screen is bright with no dead spots, shows no fading or wear.
Knobs and buttons function as intended, Tray will be included upon