$9,00000 CAD

Attention homebuilders:
Great opportunity to get a head start on an amphibious build project.

The Thurston TA16 Trojan is a light amphibious aircraft developed in the United States during the 1970s for homebuilding.
It is a four-seat all-metal flying boat with a shoulder-mounted cantilever wing and a T-tail. The engine was mounted tractor-fashion on a tall pylon above the wings, and the aircraft was equipped with retractable tricycle undercarriage for alighting on land.

The beautiful lines of the SEAFIRE are no accident … the design is by David B. Thurston, America’s foremost authority in amphibian design. Mr. Thurston, who was Vice President of Engineering for International Aeromarine Corporation, had been associated with the design of sixteen aircraft including the Brewster Buffalo fighter, various Grumman aircraft such as the F9F Panther, F11F Tigercat, the AgCat and the Rigel Missile; the Colonial Skimmer Amphibian (now the Lake Buccaneer) and the Teal Amphibian.

Thurston Aircraft LLC, with facilities located in Melbourne, Florida, USA is a privately held company formed to develop and manufacture the SEAFIRE TA16 Amphibian. For this reason our company has assembled the very finest manufacturing equipment, operated by experienced, highly trained supervising personnel having 10 or more years of aircraft manufacturing background.

Construction of the hull was completed by Lionel Robidoux and the work is meticulous. The project was acquired with the purchase of a hangar and is now for sale.

Full set of plans and what is shown in the photographs are for sale.

$9,000. or best offer.

Aircraft location/viewing available at CYSH Smith Falls, Ontario