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Lévitation 2 Super STOL 2007
Lévitation 2 Super STOL 2007

$120,00000 CAD
June 9, 2022

Lévitation 2 super STOL

Professionally built at Tapanee aviation.
Aircraft 618 h TTSN.
Engine lycoming 0-320 E2D 160 HP TTSN 618 h.
Prop McCauley 78-52 513 h TTSN.
Exhaust PowerFlow 418 h TTSN.
Floats 2375 installed new 2009.
tricycle (nose wheel).
Cargo Space total 46 cubic feet. ( 34 cabin and 12 in floats.).
Gross weight 2300 lb.
Emty weight on floats 1563 lb . ( cargo 737 lb.).
Emty weight on wheels 1274 lb. ( cargo 1026 lb.).
4 fuel tanks total 68 gal us ( 258 liter).
Fuel consomption 8,5 gal/h.
Autonomy 8 h.
Cruise speed floats 75% power. (100-105 mph.).
Stall speed on floats. (35 mph.).
Cruise speed on wheels 75% power. (105-110 mph.).
Stall speed on wheels. ( 28 mph.).
Automatic slats to resist spins and Stalls.
Flaperon differential to resist adverse yaw.
Seating side by side and double control.
Cabin 46 inches wide at shoulder.
Trim 3 axis. ( stabilizer, rudder and flaperon.).
Engine temp Cowling ajustable in cabin during flight.
Oil cooler temp ajustable in cabin during flight.
Ski attachent installed.
Magneto slick 360 hrs TTSN.
ELT ACK 406 new 2019
Headset boseX.
Intercom PM 3000.
Radio ICOM IC-A200.
Transponder GARMIN GTX 327 MODE C.
GPS Lowrance.
Dynon flightdeck 180.
4 standard instruments as backup: Airspeed, Vertical speed indicateur, Altimeter, turn and slip.
2 compas (1 standard et 1 électronic.).

Design to sleep inside
Easy to load and unload.
Low operating cost.
Cheap and easy maintenance.
Very stable aircraft, easy to fly, safe and great performance.
Short take-off and landing. (STOL.)

Marcel Paquet 819-921-1673; e-mail:
Michel Lequin 819-586-2059; e-mail: