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Affordable Low-time Touring Aircraft
Affordable Low-time Touring Aircraft

$36,50000 USD
September 7, 2023

Zenair CH300 built from a kit purchased from Chris Heintz in 1987. It first flew in Dec. 2001. It has 625hrs on its Lyc 0320D2J engine purchased from Canadian Aero Engines in Orillia. It was de-tuned from 160 to 150 hp with lower-compression pistons in order to burn Mogas if desired (it never has). It has a Vetterman tuned SS exhaust. It consumes 31-34 litres/hr at 2200 rpm (105 mph). Increasing to 2450 rpm gets you 145 mph. Vortex generators on the lifting surfaces allow for a 55 mph stall. Extra long range tanks (4 x 70L) provides over 8 hrs of endurance. The McCauley prop was purchased from Leavens. It was originally a 1C172MTM7653, overhauled to 7563 for the "Amateur Built Catagory".
BRW has the centre-mounted Cessna 150 nosegear conversion and wheelpants. Custom cowling airscoops and total flush rivetting aid in streamlining. The panel features the regular flying steam guages supplemented by a GRT Mini-x EFIS with angle-of-attack, GPS mapping, 2-axis autopilot (partially installed), and HUD extras. Avionics include: Icom IC A200, 3-place intercom, Garmin GTX 320A transponder, Ack A30 altitude encoder, Garmin 196 GPS, Apple ipad with Foreflight, ELT, SPOT location tracker.
Engine condition is monitored by: manifold/fuel pressure, tachometer, ammeter/voltmeter, oil temp/press, EGT/CHT, carb temp/OAT, & vacuum guages. The central joystick has PTT, trim, flap, radio, and autopilot controls. There are two sets of rudder pedals with toe brakes on pilots side and side-mounted throttle & mixture (both sides).
The 2 adjustable front seats have lap & shoulder restraints while the rear seat has a lap belt only. A rear mesh cargo net can be deployed and there is an extended (plugged) cargo tube for long, light items. The outside fuselage has plug-in ports for battery boosting and solar charging. Wing tip strobes & nav lights are assisted by flashing LED landing lights to increase safety.
It comes with a spare canopy and Cessna 150 nosegear and all building plans, notes, and correspondance with Chris.
C-FBRW is a registered "Amateur Built" located at CYYU Kapuskasing, that can be maintained by its owner following MOT CAR625 Appendix "B". It is the ideal, economical aircraft for time-building &/or cross-country touring. Contact: