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To contact us, please call as we only use emails and texting to finalize the details of any sale. Call from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
MGK AERO 204-324-6088

AIRFRAME PARTS: ... Cessna-Piper-Beechcraft-Aeronca-Luscombe-Ercoupe-Taylorcraft-Cessna 337-Mooney..C-177 Cardinal.. .From spinner to tailwheel for many singles. Variety of cowls complete and partial. 1970 Cessna 172 LH wing long range reskinned standard leading edge. Many other wings. Misc.....PT-19 Cornell parts. Mix of new C23 Sundowner surplus parts. Parting 1977 C-185F and 1963 C-182F, 1965 Piper PA-28-140....1962 Piper Comanche PA-24-250....Piper PA-18 early wings-metal spar, straight but need rib work...large mix of lift struts....hundreds of other parts, call with you requests..

Horizontal stabs, vertical fins for many models, excellent control surfaces for a variety of above makes and models. Vertical fin and rudder for C-185......

ENGINES: Large stock of complete engines, disassembled with certified crankshafts, many with good times and logs....Many engine parts and accessories. Complete 200 hp Ranger cores.....

PROPELLERS and Spinners: Many overhauled certified McCauley and Sensenich fixed pitch propellers, ... Also overhauled McCauley 2A34C203BC, Blades -8, Experimental. Mix of spinners and backplates.....

UNDERCARRIAGE: Landing gear legs including certified C-185. C-140 legs, certified....Many models of Cleveland wheels and brakes. Scott tailwheels, 3200 and 3400. Also, undercarriage and nose oleos for many models.

PROJECT PLANES: Less engines. Minor or no damage.... M4-210C Maule....1974 Citabria 7ECA.......Stolp Starduster Too, no damage needs fabric, .... 1952 Beech 18 complete and original, needs restoration, right engine 3 hours SMOH, left engine 900 hours SMOH....Piper J-3 fuselage, landing gear and empenage , with logs.... Murphy Rebel, no damage, with engine, disassembled.

SKIS: Federal 1500 6" and 8". C-185 skis no data tags.

EXHAUST AND ENGINE MOUNTS: For many Cessna and Pipers.. call with your needs.

SOME AVIONICS: Audio panels. Variety of good Instruments.....Narco MK12D..tested and tagged..

LIGHTING: Mix of navigation lights and strobes.

Odds and ends.... We have hundreds of misc airframe and engine parts for many models...

Call with your needs. If we don't have it, we can generally source it and supply you with quality guaranteed parts. We sell quality parts with customer satisfaction guarantee.

Please call. We only use emails and texting to finalize the details of any sale. Call from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
MGK AERO 204-324-6088

1960 Forney F1 Aircoupe
1960 Forney F1 Aircoupe

$42,00000 CAD
June 17, 2024

Fully restored in 2018, this aircraft has been meticulously maintained and continuously upgraded. As photographs show, aircraft is in extremely good condition and it is regularly requested for Airshow Static Displays (it will next be on display at Pitt Meadows Airport Day on Saturday, June 22, 2024 and has been requested for display at this year's Abbotsford Airshow) - Aircraft has rudder pedals.

TTSN ~2291 hrs
SMOH ~1153 hrs

Annual April 23, 2024
Altimeter/Pitot Static Leak and Transponder tested March 12, 2024.

Some highlights:

Recent cylinder replacement and fuel pump; spin on oil filter mount; Aerolight LED position, taxi and landing lights; new battery; Red Baron XP Beacon; 406 ELT (last tested at annual in 2023); pitot static lines replaced; new ASI and Turn Coordinator; Garmin GTR 200 com and GTX 327 transponder... the list goes on...

Many spare parts come with the plane including new nose oleo overhaul kit and new fuel pump parts kit.

Always stored in heated hangar at CYPK - Owner Maintenance Category although all maintenance and annual inspections have been performed and signed off by AMEs.

More photos, video (including pro-quality video and many more photos taken by Aviation Photocrew) and PDF copy of log book (since restoration) available on request.

Inflight photos

Detail Photos

2007 Rans S6ES Coyote II Ultralight - Light Sport Aircraft
2007 Rans S6ES Coyote II Ultralight - Light Sport Aircraft

$89,99900 CAD
June 11, 2024

2007 Rans S6ES Coyote II Light Sport Aircraft. 100HP Rotax 912ULS <600 Hours TTSN.

On Amphibious Floats - Tricycle Gear Included. Much more info and pics here: Texting is preferred. Email first, with a suitable text number.


Main Features:

⁃ Currently Amphibious Floats and comes with BRAND NEW Tricycle Gear
⁃ Factory Built
⁃ Standard Wing (Larger wing for lighter wing loading and more docile control)
⁃ Full dual controls - including brakes, and dual radio PTTs
⁃ Linear lever style trim tab
⁃ Independent flap connected trim tab
⁃ CUSTOM Rear cabin bulkhead with beautiful front and rear baggage compartments
⁃ STOL Kit Vortex Generators on wing and horizontal stabilizer
⁃ Beautiful Custom Instrument panel offering enhanced visibility
⁃ Hydraulic Brakes
⁃ Exterior Lighting: Aeroflash strobe/light kit, L/R (Red/Green) wingtip lights, Landing Light, Taxi Light
⁃ Fuel Capacity: 20 Gal (18 Useable)
⁃ Advanced Ultralight Category Eligible

⁃ Altimeter
⁃ Slip/Skid Ball
⁃ AOA - Angle of Attack Indicator
⁃ Vertical Card Compass
⁃ Manifold Pressure Gauge
⁃ Tachometer
⁃ Oil Press Gauge
⁃ Oil Temperature Gauge
⁃ Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge with dual probes for each side (CHT)
⁃ Fuel Pressure Gauge
⁃ Voltmeter
⁃ Ammeter
⁃ Hobbs Meter
⁃ OAT Probe
⁃ GPS: Garmin 296
⁃ Intercom: FlightCom 403mc
(Full cockpit intercom between occupants with two radio setup)
⁃ Radio: Becker AR 4201
⁃ Standby Radio: SP-400 Handheld in bracket
⁃ Transponder: AT165R with Encoder
⁃ 2 x 12v charger sockets

Amphibious Floats:
⁃ All aluminum
⁃ Czech made
⁃ Hydraulically actuated retractable gear via manual handpump
⁃ Simple and very reliable system

Additional Features and Options:
⁃ Sensenich Prop
⁃ Bullyhawk Soft Start Module
⁃ Mechanical fuel pump with Standby Electric Fuel Pump
⁃ 4 Extra windows
⁃ Detachable right side control stick
⁃ Molded plastic interior package
⁃ Fabric Clear Coating
⁃ Canopy Cover

Additional Improvements:
⁃ Enlarged, dual/parallel fuel lines and fittings
⁃ 3 Way Fuel Valve
⁃ Gear Strut Fairings
⁃ Installed trickle charger/battery tender
⁃ Brand new tires on trike gear
⁃ Brand new main gear tires for the amphibious floats
⁃ Custom fabricated lift point brackets

⁃ MTOW: 1200 lbs (1232 lbs*)
⁃ Cruise: 105 MPH ± 10 MPH
⁃ Endurance: 2.75 - 3.5 Hours*
⁃ Fuel Capacity: 19.0 Gallons

This is a beautiful hangar stored Rans S6ES Coyote II with standard wing and Rotax 912ULS 100HP engine. Currently on amphibious floats. Tricycle gear and everything needed for flying in either configuration included.

Lots of upgrades and improvements. HUGE bin of manuals, books, documents and receipts, 100+ (estimated) feet of spare hydraulic line for brake and retract systems. Eligible for the Advanced Ultralight Category.

Hangared at Pitt Meadows Airport (CYPK), British Columbia. Hangarage likely transferrable.

Comes with tricycle gear. Main gear all virtually brand new. Brand new unused main tires and tubes installed on floats.

TONS of extras. HUNDREDS of documentational photos for swapping landing gear and floats.

See even more information and 100s of photos here:

Text or Email before calling

Beautiful Condition.

$89 999.00 CDN ($65 999 US)

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