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AIRFRAME PARTS: ... Cessna-Piper-Beechcraft-Aeronca-Luscombe-Ercoupe-Taylorcraft-Cessna 337-Mooney..C-177 Cardinal.. .From spinner to tailwheel for many singles. Variety of cowls complete and partial. 1970 Cessna 172 LH wing long range reskinned standard leading edge. Many other wings. Misc.....PT-19 Cornell parts. Mix of new C23 Sundowner surplus parts. Parting 1977 C-185F and 1963 C-182F, 1965 Piper PA-28-140....1962 Piper Comanche PA-24-250....Piper PA-18 early wings-metal spar, straight but need rib work...large mix of lift struts....hundreds of other parts, call with you requests..

Horizontal stabs, vertical fins for many models, excellent control surfaces for a variety of above makes and models. Vertical fin and rudder for C-185......

ENGINES: Large stock of complete engines, disassembled with certified crankshafts, many with good times and logs....Many engine parts and accessories. Complete 200 hp Ranger cores.....

PROPELLERS and Spinners: Many overhauled certified McCauley and Sensenich fixed pitch propellers, ... Also overhauled McCauley 2A34C203BC, Blades -8, Experimental. Mix of spinners and backplates.....

UNDERCARRIAGE: Landing gear legs including certified C-185. C-140 legs, certified....Many models of Cleveland wheels and brakes. Scott tailwheels, 3200 and 3400. Also, undercarriage and nose oleos for many models.

PROJECT PLANES: Less engines. Minor or no damage.... M4-210C Maule....1974 Citabria 7ECA.......Stolp Starduster Too, no damage needs fabric, .... 1952 Beech 18 complete and original, needs restoration, right engine 3 hours SMOH, left engine 900 hours SMOH....Piper J-3 fuselage, landing gear and empenage , with logs.... Murphy Rebel, no damage, with engine, disassembled.

SKIS: Federal 1500 6" and 8". C-185 skis no data tags.

EXHAUST AND ENGINE MOUNTS: For many Cessna and Pipers.. call with your needs.

SOME AVIONICS: Audio panels. Variety of good Instruments.....Narco MK12D..tested and tagged..

LIGHTING: Mix of navigation lights and strobes.

Odds and ends.... We have hundreds of misc airframe and engine parts for many models...

Call with your needs. If we don't have it, we can generally source it and supply you with quality guaranteed parts. We sell quality parts with customer satisfaction guarantee.

Please call. We only use emails and texting to finalize the details of any sale. Call from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
MGK AERO 204-324-6088